Energy efficient museum storage

Copenhagen, 10 - 11 October 2013


Calculation tools and basic concepts

Lectures (too many!)

Exotic climates for exercises

References and bibliography

Cambridge, 15 October 2013

Lecture and text


Lecture and text

conservationphysics website


These are the presentation pdf or ppt and accompanying text.
The lectures are not for re-distribution, since they were prepared specifically for this course and some describe commercial work in progress. They are presented here as notes for the course participants. Several of these lectures are based on published articles listed in the bibliography, which are open access.

Note that not all these lectures will actually be delivered!

Pre-intro: V&A Dundee museum competition (pdf, 1Mb)

Introduction to the course (pdf, 3Mb)

The fundamental concepts and units of museum microclimate (pdf, 0.5Mb)

The fundamental concepts used for designing museum stores and archives (pdf, 3Mb) (September 2013)
and the accompanying text

A quirky intro to relative humidity (pdf)

Light, perception and photochemistry (pdf)

Light, units, perception, thermal and photochemistry (pdf. Revised version 2011-08-21)

Air conditioning part 1 - fundamentals (pdf. Revised version 2011-08-21)

The Cologne city archive (Air conditioning part 2)

Air conditioning of stores (Air conditioning part 3) new at 2011-08-22

Micro air conditioning by enclosure (Air conditioning part 4) new at 2011-08-26

Buffering of RH by absorbent materials (pdf)

Humidity prediction v. measurement (pdf picture show)

Standards and rate of deterioration (pdf picture show)

Shortened version of standards lecture (prepared for the IFLA-PAC conference, Paris, March 2009)
Standards lecture in powerpoint

Modelling the Edinburgh archive (pictures and text)

Keeping climate records (pictures and text)

Data reduction, storage and plotting(text) and as pdf

Modelling the St. Catherine's library pictures and text

Mecklenburg lecture at The Danish National Gallery (10Mb pdf)

Going Green lecture (pdf) A good climate need not use much energy

Introduction pkl 2012 pdf

architecture and the importance of the building envelope pdf

the use of building materials to modify the climate pdf

limits to moisture buffer lecture note, pdf

Energy efficient museum stores pdf

Energy efficient museum stores pkl 2012 pdf

Basic building physics for low energy climate control in museum buildings and archives full lecture 2012, pdf

Basic building physics for low energy climate control in museum buildings and archives lecture note, pdf

Introduction to the exercise 2012 pdf

air pollution in museum environments presentation slides, pdf (6 Mb)

Case history: Sibiu museum presentation slides, pdf (2 Mb)

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